The Statement of Establishment of the
Hon-in-myou Daihonzon by Nichiren Daishounin
 Inscribed on the reverse side of the Hon-in-myou Daihonzon 


造立 本因妙大本尊
右本尊 者 釈迦諸佛出世 之 本懐也
真實  真實
万年 救護 為之留
可奉懸 本門寺 本堂

弘安二年 太才己卯 十月 十二日
日蓮  在御判

The establishment of this Hon-in-myou Daihonzon.

This Honzon is the true intent of Shaka and other Buddhas,
and the reason for their advent in the world.

It's real !  It's real !

This One Great Secret is retained [in the world] for the sole purpose of
saving and protecting throughout ten thousand years.

When the Sovereign adopts this Law,
This [Honzon] is to be enshrined in the Main Hall of Honmonji.

The twelfth day of the tenth month, in the second year of Koan,
with the cyclical sign tsuchinoto-u.

By decree of Nichiren ( Signature & Seal )

1. The term "Mannen Kugo Daihonzon" (万年 救護 大本尊) originate from this inscription on the Hon-in-myou Daihonzon. Mannen = 10,000 years. Kugo = save and protect. The Mannen Kugo Daihonzon is in fact the Hon-in-myou Daihonzon itself.

2. Honmonji means Temple of the Essential Teachings. The Hon-in-myou Daihonzon is the Essential Teaching enshrined at Fujisan Honmonji Honmon Shoshu. In Chapter 16 of the Lotus Sutra, the Hon-in-myou Daihonzon is known as the Excellent Medicine.

3. The twelfth day of the tenth month, in the second year of Koan = October 12th 1279.

4. Cyclical sign tsuchinoto-u = The year of the earth rabbit


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